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Portfolio management

Discretionary Portfolio Management

With Manulife Wealth Inc.’ Advisor Managed Program, every aspect of managing your portfolio – including your investment strategy, researching investment opportunities, selecting securities to buy and at what price – is taken care of by your personal Portfolio Manager, a highly qualified financial professional.


When you delegate the responsibility of investing to your personal Portfolio Manager you want the right professional leading the way. Your personal Portfolio Manager is an accredited and licensed financial professional who employs prudent and personal thinking to manage your wealth. Complementing your Portfolio Manager’s expertise is a support network of Manulife’s investment experts. These experts contribute insights and knowledge on portfolio construction, investment trends, market commentary and potential opportunities. This collective knowledge and ongoing collaboration creates a team of investing specialists working on executing an investment strategy suited to your needs.


The first step in building a successful investment strategy involves creating your personal Investment Policy Statement. This document, prepared by your personal Portfolio Manager after consulting with you, contains important information such as your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the amount of time you have to reach your objectives. Your Investment Policy Statement also describes your investment strategy, including the parameters your Portfolio Manager adheres to when allocating your assets and selecting investments


With significant investing expertise, advanced credentials and a network of professional resources, your Portfolio Manager is uniquely qualified to manage your wealth. Your Portfolio Manager has the flexibility and discretion to:

  • trade securities in your portfolio
  • add or remove holdings selectively based on investment research or in anticipation of market trends
  • act quickly in special situations to capitalize on timely investment opportunities
  • rebalance your portfolio to maintain your target asset allocation

Trades executed by your Portfolio Manager are monitored to ensure they adhere to the guidelines in your Investment Policy Statement. You can stay informed about activity in your portfolio through any-time online access, regular account statements or through communication with your Portfolio Manager.

Expertise meets experience

Your Portfolio Manager committed significant time and effort to become a Portfolio Manager. It’s a title reserved for a select group of investment professionals. It requires advanced investment qualifications, professional development and extensive experience advising clients. In addition, Manulife Wealth Inc. uses a rigorous evaluation process to ensure only top advisors qualify as Portfolio Managers. You can be confident your Portfolio Manager is a trusted professional with experience managing substantial levels of client assets


For a personal investment strategy to be successful, it needs to focus on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. With an understanding of your life priorities, personal goals and future plans, your Portfolio Manager has an important building block to develop and manage your strategy. Your Portfolio Manager combines knowledge of who you are and what’s important to you with a well-informed view of the global market landscape to construct a tailored investment strategy.


The Investment Policy Statement is the blueprint for your investment strategy. It guides the decisions your Portfolio Manager makes on your behalf by detailing important information about your financial needs, investment objectives and any special investing preferences. How your assets are allocated between the three main asset categories – equity, fixed income and cash investments – is one of the most important factors in managing your investment risk and return. Your Portfolio Manager uses the criteria described in your Investment Policy Statement to allocate your assets effectively.


Your Portfolio Manager selects from a range of suitable investments, from traditional choices to alternative opportunities, to execute your personal strategy. Your Portfolio Manager stays informed on investments in your portfolio, developments in domestic and world markets, as well as your personal circumstances. With this information, your Portfolio Manager can act quickly to adjust your portfolio to manage risk or capitalize on new investment opportunities. New investments under consideration for your portfolio are thoroughly evaluated to ensure they meet the parameters in your Investment Policy Statement and follow the quality and diversification rules established by Manulife Wealth Inc..